Nicole "ND“ Durr discovered the incredible talent of the artists of HavanaNightShow in 1998. She found Cuba to be rich in
culture, passion, and tremendous pride, all of which was fertile soil for great artists who longed to be seen, heard and respected.
To ND, bringing this collection of talent and emotion to the world was simply a matter of destiny.

And so began the journey of the artists that joined the cast of HavanaNight after a vigorous audition process in an old theatre with a collapsing root. The show was conceived and produced by Nicole "ND" Durr within two years, and by 2000, these young performers were introduced to the world. During their world tour, HavanaNight was recognized as the first Cuban original dance and music show of this size and caliber. Consisting of twenty-three colorful, glittery and intoxicating scenes. HavanaNight departed from the usual folklore and focused, instead, on the young and modern Cuba, creating an explosion of energy and originality by combining the cultural riches, musical versatility, and modern dance routines of the magnificent Island... a concept that would be copied by many in years to come.

After traveling to 16 countries and performing to more than 3 million people over 4 years, the entire troupe decided to head to the United States. An amazing battle ensued over these 53 individuals who first attempted to come to the U.S. simply to do a tour and then return home. But politcal hostilities were amplified on both sides with the performers in the middle. "All we want to do is show people the Cuban culture," said ND.

Finally, in 2004 the troupe made history by staging the largest mass defection ever in the United States. The entire cast claimed political asylum and started life in Las Vegas. assimilating into society under the care of ND and her staff "To dance in Las Vegas and be recognized is a dream," said Nayibe Garcia, solo dancer. "That s the only intention we have. We have no intention to violate any rules. And if it is a crime to chase a dream, then just kill me."

Upon meeting the young company, magicians Sigfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn, extended a helping hand by becoming presenters of the production on the same stage where they began their own careers more than 28 years ago.

The show premiered in the late summer of 2004 at the Stardust Hotel & Casino to an enthusiastic audience. The production now named "HavanaNightClub" would be the first original Cuban performance in Las Vegas in 60 years It received standing ovations and rave reviews from critics and audiences alike prompting an extension of their engagement with the Stardust through 2005.

"From a dilapidated stage in Havana, I promised the artists nearly 7 years ago that we would make it to the United States," exclaimed ND: "My dream — our dream — is realized every night when they take the stage and the audience jumps to their feet to join the excitement. These young artists have risked so much personally, leaving larnily and homes behind in Cuba. But each night, they takeover the stage, and get into the hearts of the audience. Their passion comes alive!

ND knew that this was merely the beginning of the future for these artists, the show, and that a vast portfolio of business opportunities could be created. She set in motion a plan to host 3 live events in Miami during the spring of 2005. The purpose of these events (which sold out to crowds totaling 94,000 people) was to produce both a live DVD (filmed in High Definition) and CD soundtrack that would be marketed worldwide. Features of this show include pyrotechnics, aerial scenes, new music and costumes. The Show also featured an original song written and performed first in Miami. The “Freedom” song — “For You Cuba I Sing This Song" — visibly moved the cast and audience generating 5 minute long standing ovations.

In Las Vegas after 600 live performances, the group celebrated their last show at the Stardust on February 2006. During its brief time in the U.S., the troupe had been credited with single handedly changing the face of Las Vegas entertainment, providing a strong and viable audience for Latin entertainment on the strip and as an arena sized touring show.

A clear sense of anticipation to find out where the HavanaNight Show troupe would be performing next was intensely felt.